jungle gym

Playcious has uniquely designed 4 storey jungle gyms that are filled with multiple interactive activities for children of all ages to enjoy! Our structures are built to meet the highest safety and quality standards and are weighted for adults as well. The jungle gyms are equipped with multi-coloured wavy slides and tube slides for younger children to enjoy. Other activities include tunnels, bridges, hurdles, a light up ball pit, mirror maze, air-soft blasters and much more!

wall climbing

Wall climbing is a great way to have fun and stay active! Playcious has uniquely designed climbing structures that are fun, colourful, thrilling and safe for everyone. Increase your strength, improve your flexibility and boost your problem solving skills by strategizing the quickest way to reach the top! Our structures are weighted for adults as well. Parents join in on the fun and re- explore your youth. Challenge your friends and family to a race to the top!


Come in and explore the wide variety of arcade games Playcious has to offer. Challenge your friends and family to a game of air hockey or basketball. Go on a safari adventure, take the rocket school bus to space or race to the finish line! Whether you’re a child or an adult, Playcious has something for you. Collect tickets to redeem spectacular prizes! Let the games begin!

Toddler Area

Being an entertainment destination for the whole family, Playcious offers a safe and protected area for the little ones of ages less than 3 years. Moms and dads can bring their little kids to the Toddler Area, which is allocated exclusively for toddlers to play. That means parents don’t have to worry about the bigger children and adults interfering with the activities of little ones. Our toddler area is equipped with various activities and interactive toys and blocks for young explorers to enjoy!


Come and enjoy our Trampoline Park for children between the ages of 4 to 12. Our trampoline park is divided into two sections to accommodate younger and older children. Increase your agility and heighten your balance, coordination and motor skills. Combine your skills and creativity and jump away! (Playcious Vaughan Only)

Train Ride

Playcious welcomes all of our Playcious Players to come aboard our NEW Bandit Express Train Ride, equipped with lasers to compete with your family and friends! Practice your target skills and enhance your hand and eye co-ordination with this thrilling and interactive ride. We welcome parents and children of all ages to ride along. Children will receive 10 virtual tickets that can be redeemed at Café Playcious for prizes! (Playcious Vaughan Only)

Bumper Cars

Challenge your family and friends in a game of Bumper cars by tagging them with your lasers. Send your opponent for a spin while you collect points for the win! We welcome parents and children 5 and up to come and enjoy our bumper cars. Each bumper car is equipped with a seatbelt and rubber bumpers to ensure everyone’s safety. (Playcious Oakville Only)

Baby Animals

Playcious is equipped with activities and rides for children of all ages! Our baby animal arena allows children between the ages of 2 and 5 to take a ride on an artificial animal of its choice and explore the surrounding area. Note: Each baby animal is equipped with seat belts for added safety. They are self operated using a foot pedal and travel at a slow speed, as they were designed for younger children. (Playcious Oakville Only)

projection Games

Typically, interactive games challenge players to solve compelling problems. Players learn by doing, in a virtual setting that responds to every move and decision they make. They interact with the game environment, develop skills to succeed in that environment, and rehearse those skills repeatedly. We have five stations of projections games. Hundreds of games at each station are centered around five different themes. (Playcious Oakville Only)

Ninja course

Playcious welcomes children of ages 6 and up to participate in the Ninja Warrior Challenge! Explore our 6 obstacle courses and challenge yourself to improve your strength, coordination, endurance, balance and agility and become the ultimate ninja warrior. The ninja course is located in our 4 storey jungle gym. Although the ninja course is not for adults, our jungle gym is weighted for adults. Feel free to go on up and cheer your children to the finish line! (Playcious Oakville Only)