We Always Play Safe

Inside the park, safety isn’t just our speciality—it’s our main concern. That’s why we carefully crafted a series of policies and provisions specifically designed to make sure every child is safe at all times. Playcious is a PARENT/GUARDIAN (18+) supervised facility. The indoor playground is monitored by our friendly staff and under 24/hr video surveillance. All rides, including the bumper car arena (Oakville) or trampoline park (Vaughan) and wall climbing units are monitored by an attendant during operational hours. The facility and the equipment are routinely maintained, and the staff is trained and stationed throughout the playground to handle any situation and make sure that all safety rules are followed.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children at all times

Playcious is NOT responsible for any injuries to children resulting from UNSAFE or CARELESS use of the playground equipment

NO outside FOOD or DRINKS are allowed!

Please do not consume food or drinks in the play areas

Playcious is a SOCKS ONLY facility. Adults and children must enter the play facility with their socks on.

To ensure the cleanliness of our facility & the safety of the children, GRIP SOCKS are REQUIRED for all children.
You may bring your own OR purchase a pair of our custom Playcious grip socks via our website or reception desk

Playcious is a PEANUT/ NUT aware facility

Playcious is not responsible for any lost or stolen items

Birthday parties are entertained by advance booking only

Piñatas are NOT allowed

The party guests MUST leave the facility after their allocated party time is over

Any type of verbal or physical abuse or harassment towards Playcious Guests or Employees will not be tolerated!

Playcious reserves the right to refuse admittance or ask you to leave:

  • 1) If the equipment is being used improperly;
  • 2) If your play is unsafe;
  • 3) If you are disrespectful to others

Pets, alcohol, drugs and/or weapons are NOT ALLOWED in the facility

Smoking is prohibited in the facility

If a child has an accident, accompanying parents / guardians will be responsible to clean and sanitize the affected areas of the playground. To follow a Playcious staff member will completely sanitize and disinfect the area. Playcious reserves the right to charge the child’s parents/guardians for any sanitization costs in the event of an accident.