4 Ways to Package Gift Cards for Teachers

December 15, 2014

Personalize a go-to gift with a fun presentation and a goofy message.

1. For a coffee shop card: “Thanks a latte!” or “You’re tea-rrific!” written on a cup sleeve.

2. For a bookstore card: “So glad you’re in this chapter of our lives!” given with a handmade bookmark.

3. For an office-supply store card: “Supplies! You’re the best” on a mini decorated clipboard.

4. For a pedicure or manicure card: “For your mistle-toes” wrapped with a bottle of nail polish, or “You’re the best teacher, hands-down” with your child’s traced-hand card (be sure to paint the fingernails).

A Trio of Great Gift Gadgets
The right gizmo can make repetitive tasks fun and creative tasks failure-proof.

1. Tag Lever Punch (XX-Large): The kids can punch out all your gift tags — for years to come — from whatever decorative paper scraps you have handy. $16.99, fiskars.com

2. Envelope Template Kit: Six traceable plastic pieces let you make any size envelopes (perfect for gift cards and cash) from old maps, catalogs, calendars, and rejection letters. $15, papersource.com

3. Package Opener: With spring-action, angled blades, and a screwdriver sized for unlocking battery compartments, this tool is ideal for breaking into that tear-your-hair-out toy packaging that seems invented by evil robots.$14.99, fiskars.com

Courtesy: www.parents.com