Please read Playcious Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy carefully.

All purchases / party bookings are location specific and not interchangeable. Play passes, monthly passes, gift cards, field trips and party reservations are only valid at the location purchased.

Party bookings, including private parties, are by advanced reservations ONLY and are subject to availability. 10 days notice is required for all party bookings. For any last minute bookings, please contact a Playcious team member and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

All packages include the Birthday Child.

Additional children and / or adults, not included in the number of guests in your party package choice, will require an additional fee.

Weekday pricing EXCLUDES public holidays; including winter and spring break. Playcious reserves the right to charge the difference in price if the party package purchased for the date requested is a holiday.

All party reservations must adhere to the time slot allotted. This time period must be STRICTLY adhered to by all guests. All patrons are asked to leave the Playcious facility at the end of their allocated time slot (this includes – but not limited to – the play area). Party extensions are available for the first and last time slots of the day only for an additional fee. All extensions are based on availability and must be made in advance.

Waiver’s must be filled out and signed for each member attending / entering Playcious and must be completed by the parent / guardian (18+). We recommend completing your waiver/s online to avoid a longer check-in process upon arrival.

Playcious is a Parent-Supervised Facility. Parents / Guardians are responsible for their children at all times. Playcious is NOT responsible for any injuries to children resulting from unsafe or careless use of the playground equipment.

Playcious is a SOCKS ONLY Facility. GRIP SOCKS are REQUIRED for all Children. Some of our party packages include Grip Socks. Additional grip socks can be purchased at Playcious either online or at the front reception desk for $2.25 + hst. Private parties can purchase grip socks at a reduced rate of $2.00 + hst. All sock sales are FINAL.

Playcious recommends all children wear pants, tights or leggings to be able to access all attractions / areas of our indoor playground.

Playcious is a Nut-Aware Facility. We do not carry any items with nuts; however, we cannot guarantee that all items have been made in a nut-free facility.

Party bookings, including private parties, may bring in outside FINGER FOOD only. A cleaning fee of $30.00 + hst will apply for regular party bookings; $100 cleaning fee will be charged for private party bookings. Cafe Playcious offers a large assortment of food, snacks and beverages, including our Catering Menu. Guests cannot bring in any food or beverage items that are sold on our catering menu and / or in Cafe Playcious.

  • Gum, Cheetos (cheesies, etc.), popcorn, small candies, pasta, rice and salads are PROHIBITED.
  • Food and Beverages must be consumed in your party room ONLY or in the designated area Playcious Management has approved.
  • All catering orders must be confirmed 2 weeks in advance.

Pizza is included with our regular birthday party packages. Additional pizza can be purchased through Playcious. All pizza orders must be confirmed 3-4 days prior to your party date. Please note that Playcious serves Cheese Pizza only.

Party bookings, including private parties may bring in their own cake or they can be ordered through Playcious (refer to Cakes by Robert). All cakes must be cut by a Playcious party host.

  • Cake orders are required to be submitted 7-10 days prior to your party date.

Playcious will provide amenities, such as plates, napkins and forks, for any food or cakes ordered through Playcious.

Guests are allowed to bring in their own décorations and balloons if they choose. You will be allotted 15 minutes (30 minutes for private parties) prior to the start of your party to set up your party room. We do not allow tape, sticky tack or thumb tacks to be used to hang your decorations. Any damage that requires repair to Playcious party rooms may be subject to a damage fee. Each party room is equipped with a magnetic wall and we will provide you magnets to hang up your wall décor. Playcious will not fill any balloons purchased outside of our facility.

Pinjata’s and confetti are not allowed.

Decorations, partyware and balloon arrangements must be purchased in advance. Playcious requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all orders.

  • Damaged or stolen Playcious RENTAL wall decorations may be subject to a damage / replacement fee.

No strollers allowed. Strollers can be left in the cubby area. Playcious is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please note that our facility is under 24 hour video surveillance.

Bags and backpacks, excluding small purses, are not allowed into the playground area. Please keep all valuables at home or in your vehicle. If you do require your bag for any reason, Playcious reserves the right to do a bag check prior to entering the playground to ensure everyone’s safety.

Absolutely no ALCOHOL or DRUG SUBSTANCES are allowed to be brought into the facility. If there are any alcohol or drug substances that are present at any time during your party at Playcious, it will result in an immediate dismissal of your party and legal actions may take place.

Smoking is prohibited in the facility.

Any type of verbal or physical abuse or harassment towards Playcious guests or employees will not be tolerated! Playcious reserves the right to refuse admittance or ask you to leave: 1) If the equipment is being used improperly; 2) Your play is unsafe; 3) If you are disrespectful / abusive towards others.

Playcious reserves the right to refuse or cancel a party booking at any time if it is not compliant to Playcious Policy.

If a child has an accident, accompanying parents / guardians will be responsible to clean and sanitize the affected areas of the playground. To follow, a Playcious staff member will completely sanitize and disinfect the area. Playcious reserves the right to charge the child’s parents / guardians for any sanitization costs in the event of an accident.

Refund Policy

Party Bookings

Bookings for parties (including private / corporate events) are made by advanced reservations ONLY. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for private / corporate parties.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of any emergencies or conflicts, Playcious will honour a one-time ONLY date change. Party must be rescheduled within 7 calendar days of your original scheduled party date; subject to availability. Deposit fee transfer to a rescheduled party will be valid up to 1 year from the original party date.

Cancellations made within 7 calendar days of your party date will be subjected to FULL payment of the remaining party balance. In case a cancellation is made with a notice more than 7 calendar days prior to the party date, only a non-refundable deposit will be applicable.

Party add-ons, (excluding attractions and arcade packages) are not finalized until their FULL payment is made. All party add-ons, ordered and paid for by Playcious are non-refundable. This includes but is not limited to food, beverages, cakes, decorations, partyware and balloons.

You are most welcome to contact us for assistance, should you experience any issues managing your party details.

Covid Protocols

The following procedures and protocols will remain in place until further notice for all Playcious guests. Please ensure all your guests are aware of Playcious Covid Protocols and Procedures prior to your party or visit to Playcious.

  1. Temperature checks: Each guest will have their temperature checked using an infrared thermometer prior to entering Playcious to help ensure that everyone who comes into the facility is in good health. Anyone with a temperature over 38 degrees celsius or experiencing any flu like symptoms will not be allowed in the facility.
  2. Covid Screening: Each guest will be required to fill out a covid health screening questionnaire. The questionnaire may be completed online, on paper or verbally upon entrance.
  3. Mask Mandate: As per the Halton and York Region by-law, customers and staff are required to wear masks in the facility. Individuals five years of age and over are required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering in enclosed (indoor) public places, unless exemptions apply. Every parent or guardian that enters the facility is also required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering. Children with special needs or an underlying medical condition are exempt, even if they are five years of age or older. Masks an be taken off while in the cafeteria or party rooms while sitting and eating or consuming a beverage. While children are performing vigorous activities, such as wall climbing, they may place their mask below their chin. Please ensure that a mask is worn at any time where it is not possible to socially distance from other guests that are not in your social circle.
  4. Social Distancing in Effect: We ask that while all guests are roaming / playing in and around the playground that you keep a distance of at least 2 metres between you and anyone who is not within your group of family and friends.
  5. Increased Sanitizer Stations: Sanitizer stations have been increased all around the facility. A designated staff member will ensure that all children sanitize their hands prior to entering each ride / attraction and will be sanitizing the ride / attraction after each use.
  6. 30 Minutes Closures in between Time Slots for Full Cleaning and Sanitization: Playcious will be closing every 2 hours to fully clean and sanitize our facility, including our 4-storey jungle gym. We kindly ask that all guests make their way out of the facility at the end of their time slot.
  7. Increased Sanitization and Cleaning around the Facility during operating hours: Playcious staff will ensure that all major touch points are cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  8. *We have temporarily closed our ball pit and the top floor of the jungle gym to allow for more precise cleaning and sanitization and limit the spread of germs*

    At Playcious we enjoy being a part of your active day of family fun! We are here to assist you and your guests in any way we can. Our Playcious team is very helpful, friendly, organized and enthusiastic. We guarantee if you allow us, your day at Playcious will be absolutely unforgettable! We are here to assist your family / group with all that Playcious has to offer.

    Our staff follows strict protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and well being. Thank you for following our policies and guidelines and helping us make Playcious the best it can be!